5. Finalizing & Launching

We’re almost there! You’ve created all the content to educate and Motivators to reward, now it’s time for the finishing touches for your Program. Let’s finalize all of the remaining parts, add images and descriptions, ensure legal compliance, test, prep your people, and schedule gameplay to go live to your Players.

Creating an Install Site

There are 2 ways to invite Players to play a Series: either by providing the Invite Code from the Series, or by providing the link to the Program Install Site. An Install Site is a collection of all the information about a Program, including how to play, information about prizing and legal disclosures, and how Players can get support.

Finalizing Series & Challenges

Finalizing all the details for Series and Challenges, and scheduling all the parts and pieces, happens at once.

Legal Disclosures

If any Awards or Sweepstakes are included with your Program and you are based in the United States, you will need to ensure your Program's legal compliance with United States gaming and sweepstakes laws. You might need to customize for your Program disclosure from the template prior to launch.

Duplicating the MASTER Program to Create Specific Programs

You always want to start by creating a MASTER Program, and then duplicating it to create specific Programs. That way, your MASTER can serve as a template that you can duplicate to create Programs for specific initiatives, Player groups, Player geographies, and so on.

Testing Programs, Series, and Challenges

Just like in the previous video, duplicating a Program is necessary in order to test every element inside it.

Launching Challenges by Publishing

Publishing your Program and all its associated elements is the last step to make everything go live according to the schedule you added.

Preparing Your Players for Gameplay

Publishing the Program and all associated elements is only half the equation for success - to ensure Player engagement with the upcoming Program, you will need to prepare them ahead of time.

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Resource Guide: Getting Started

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Program, Goal Design, Habits, and Topics
  3. Curriculum & Content: Series, Challenges, Questions, and Learn More Items
  4. Motivators: Flashes, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes
  5. Finalizing & Launching
  6. Post-Launch Management for Program Success
  7. Getting Started FAQs

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