4. Motivators: Flashes, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes

Now that you have created your curriculum, let's add Motivators to encourage Player engagement with the curriculum.
There are two types of learners: those who are intrinsically motivated, whose desire to do well is built into them, and those that are extrinsically motivated, who need incentives to act. This platform is designed to incentivize and reward both of these types of learners with a variety of easy-to-use features that Admins can leverage to ensure no Player gets left behind.

Flash Messages

Flashes work both as Flash Messages on your mobile device and appear as messages in the App Timeline. They are designed to increase engagement and keep your Players coming back to your App to answer Questions and click on Learn More Items.


Digital Badges can be set up and awarded to Players to recognize achievement. This is to engage those players who care about mastery and are driven intrinsically about learning. 


Awards are typically gift cards or prizes that are up to $10 USD in value and are used to drive Player habit repetition and desired behavior formation.


Sweepstakes - and their associated entries - can also be set up with the DIY Portal to encourage desired Player actions beyond simple Awards. Sweepstakes are typically higher in value and culminate in a drawing the Admin does at the end of the Challenge, using the functionality withinReports to designate one or more Sweepstakes winners.

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Resource Guide: Getting Started

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Program, Goal Design, Habits, and Topics
  3. Curriculum & Content: Series, Challenges, Questions, and Learn More Items
  4. Motivators: Flashes, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes
  5. Finalizing & Launching
  6. Post-Launch Management for Program Success
  7. Getting Started FAQs

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