What’s the Difference? Flashes, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes

There are two types of learners: those who are intrinsically motivated, whose desire to do well is built into them, and those that are extrinsically motivated, who need incentives to act. The Software is designed to incentivize and reward both of these types of learners with a variety of easy-to-use features that Admins can leverage to ensure no Player gets left behind. We feature  4 Motivators that incentivize and reward Players.


Flashes (or Flash Messages) arrive on your Player's devices much like a "News Flash" notification, bringing up-to-the-minute information directly to a Player. Whether it's announcing a new leader on the Leaderboard or a reminder that Players can sneak a peek at the Insight & LMI in advance, the real purpose of a Flash is to keep Players engaged.

You have two choices for creating a Flash. You can either create one from scratch with the green +Flash button, or you can select from options available in our library of preloaded Flash Templates with the +Select from Library button.

These can be triggered on a specific date or based on a Player Action. We recommend leveraging action-based triggers for most circumstances. These include when a Player answers a Question correctly, answers a Question incorrectly, leaves a Question unplayed, or isn’t clicking on the Learn More Item (from either the Call to Action button in the Question Insight, or the Learn More Items library in the app menu).

You can also add Flashes to a Challenge in real time based on Report data. Our Reports show Player interaction with Questions and Answers, and accessing Learn More Items, so you can create and send announcements, motivation, and reminders via Flashes to your Players as they play. 


Badges are another type of Motivator and are digital icons that recognize Players for outstanding performance. They provide extra motivation and public recognition. Some digital badges can be added to different platforms such as LinkedIn, to signify a person’s expertise or certification in a subject. For high achievers who are more intrinsically motivated, consider awarding Badges for achievements, both big and small. Recognize milestones like placement on the Leaderboard or answering 3 Questions in a row correctly. These prizes have no dollar value but offer "bragging rights" to the winner as well as an intrinsic sense of accomplishment. The software delivers a notification and badge image to a user who achieves the milestone connected to that Badge.

Like Flashes, for Badges you will also need to set a trigger, which includes a date-based trigger, a Question being answered correctly, Questions being answered correctly and consecutively, or leaderboard position.

You can also create your own custom Badge that is meaningful to your organization or Players.


Another type of Motivator called Awards, are intended to keep Players engaged, not to bribe people to learn new information. Awards keep Players coming back over and over: and that repetition enables learning to stick, and human habits to ultimately form. Awards can be set as Unlimited or have a finite quantity.

These are typically low-dollar-value prizes such as giftcards for $1 - $5, and they can be given out daily. We supply a preloaded Library of Awards for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom Award. 

Like Flashes and Badges, Awards will also need a trigger, which we recommend as a Player action rather than a set schedule.


The final Motivator type are called Sweepstakes, and they are leveraged to create a currency where Learners are rewarded for taking actions that keep them engaged. Sweepstakes prizes are typically larger in value (like above $50) and varied in type (like merchandise, experience packages, or high-value gift cards) and won by randomized drawing at the end of the Challenge. Issuing entries to a Sweepstakes drawing is like issuing raffle tickets which Players receive when they take an action. Examples of actions are answering a Question, answering a Question correctly, or reaching a certain spot on the Leaderboard.

We supply a preloaded Library of Sweepstakes for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom Sweepstakes. 

You will also need to designate the number of entries total you would like to make available for this Sweepstakes, how many entries each Player action is worth, and the trigger for the Sweepstakes. You can either choose to have the Sweepstakes notify your Players when they have earned an entry, or keep Sweepstakes entry notifications silent so they don’t interrupt gameplay.

When it comes to staying on top of the sweepstakes entries and choosing a winner, this software has made it easy for Admins. A Player’s total number of entries into a Sweepstakes show up within Reports – and there is a randomized winner generator in the Reports as well.

Note: Including either Awards or Sweepstakes - whether the prizes have a monetary value or not, requires compliance with local gaming laws. Our software provides legal Disclosure templates for customers to customize for their specific situation. Adding Awards or Sweepstakes to a Program - and adding legal Disclosure documents to the Program in the App interface - will prevent launching a Program to Players.
*All Awards and Sweepstakes are fulfilled by the customer. Please see our product Terms of Use for more information.
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