What are Motivators?

Options in Challenge Builder

You'll recall that in the Challenge Builder, you are given the option to enhance your player engagement through the use of Flash Messages, Badges, and Awards. Collectively, those program features, along with optional prizing supplied by your organization, are known as Motivators.

Here are the functions and recommended uses for the different types:

1) Flash Messages:

Function: A  Flash Message is like a text message that pops up in the app. The purpose is to provide a brief "news flash" or to drive users to take an action.  Each Flash Message is pushed to all users simultaneously at a scheduled time.

Uses: The two primary functions of Flash Messages are to  REMIND and to DRIVE ACTION - Send a Flash Message to players reminding them about the start time for the first Q's, then again 10 -15 minutes after play to drive anyone who hasn't played, to complete the unanswered Q's!

2) Badges:

FunctionA badge is a congrats! A virtual pat-on-the-back for taking an action or for doing something correctly. 

They offer "bragging rights" to the winner, as well as an intrinsic sense of accomplishment. They can be awarded for accomplishing pre-determined milestones in a Challenge, such as answering the first question correctly, or playing all questions in a Challenge.

Uses: These achievement badges typically appeal to gamers and people who particularly enjoy being merited for their efforts, which is a large percentage of most any employee base! Badges provide the proverbial "dangling carrot" which gets results from even the most stubborn players.

3) Awards:

Function: Awards Notifications are delivered through the app to reward your users for achievement or simply for participating.

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