What are Excluded Users?

Excluding Users keeps your reporting results "pure" and guarantees that prizes go to your players.

Why Exclude a User?

You and your team do not want to be on the Leaderboard, win prizes, or show up in the data reports of your Program. Otherwise, you end up with skewed Results and a possibly irate group of players!

How to Find, Add, and Edit Excluded Users:

1. From your Program page select "Reports" *(be sure you are selecting the Program level reports, not the Challenge level reports)
2. Click the "+ADD" button to add Users to the Excluded Users List. You will see this menu pop-up:

3. Type in the email address used for the User(s) you want to exclude. Then select the elements of the Program you want to exclude them from. We recommend checking the boxes next to Reports, Leaderboard, Awards, and Sweepstakes Drawing.
4. Click the "edit" pencil icon at the end of each Players's row to change the Excluded User options.

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