Challenge Reports

DIY Portal provides 2 built-in reports for Admins: Challenge Reports, and Goal Progress Reports.

Challenge Reports report at the Challenge level, and are for daily monitoring of engagement and learning levels, where you can take action to modify Challenges and Questions on the fly. It offers tables that enable you to drill down into individual pieces of content and individual players to see what’s happening in real time. 

Access Challenge Reports by clicking into the Challenge and clicking the Reports button on the top right of the screen.

Challenge Reports Overview

1. Participation

Shows how many Players have joined the Series, how many have played at least one Question, what percentage of your Players this is equal to, and how many inactive Players you have in this Series – meaning how many Players have not engaged in a single Question.

2. Recall

This is a reinforcement tool for content Players have already been trained on, or content that is linked to Questions in the Learn More Items. Therefore, it is expected that when Players see a Question for the first time, they will "recall" the training they had or learned in the Learn More Item content. The Recall percentage is calculated as the percentage of Questions that were answered correctly, over the total number of Question plays across all Players.

3. Daily Time Spent

This shows the amount of time that a Player spends on average engaging with Questions. 

4. Goal Progress

The percentage of completion towards the Results, Habits, Topics, and Questions. This number will also be reflected in the Goal Progress Reports

5. Participants Table

This breaks down the statistics at the individual Player level. It shows all Players for a Challenge, their rank, accumulated points, answering accuracy, number of Questions answered, number of Questions that timed out - i.e., the Questions the Player couldn't answer before the timer ran out - and the times they clicked on the Learn More button in the Question Insight tab, as a percentage of total Questions.

6. Questions Progress

When you click on the next tab, Question Progress, you will have a breakdown of each Question in your Challenge.

This will show the Questions that have been delivered, how many Players have gotten them correct vs. incorrect, and how many clicks there have been on the Learn More button in the Insight tab of the Question. Clicking on the arrows at the top of each column header will resort the column values from lowest to highest. 

This allows you to see the individual statistics of each Question and helps you chose which Questions you should repeat to increase competency.

7. Badges

You can click on the Badges to review the Player recipients as well. To verify what Badges each player has won click the blue icon at the end of the row of their name. 

8. Awards

Under the Awards tab you will be able to determine who won Awards in the Challenge. To verify which prize the player won click the blue button under the Awards column.

9. Sweepstakes 

Finally, in the Sweepstakes tab you can click on the green “Draw” button to draw a Sweepstakes winner form all of the entries received.

Enter the Title for the drawing, and the number of winners you would like to draw and click Yes!

The winners will appear in a “Drawings” table in the Sweepstakes tab, and be listed as “PENDING” until you click the “Confirm Drawing” green button, Yes, and OK.

Confirmed winners will now appear with a “CONFIRMED” blue icon next to them.

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