Goal Progress Reports

The DIY Portal provides 2 built-in reports for Admins: Challenge Reports, and Goal Progress Reports.

With this Goal Progress Report, you see your Goal Design in action, rolling up the data from each Series of Challenges in that Program for both Progress and Performance.

Access the Goal Progress Report here:

Goal Progress Report Overview

1. Progress

Measures how far the Players have gotten toward forming the targeted Habits and fulfilling on the Program's Results and Goal.

2. Performance

Measures how well Players are answering the Questions.

3. Show Related

You can click on this button on any item to show the related Habits, Topics, or Questions for each item and drill down into the statistics on each.

4. Export

You can export information from Goal Progress Reports by clicking on the caret to the right of the Program icon at the top right of the screen. You can export either Player Question-level performance by choosing "Export Questions" or Question-level LMI views by choosing "Export LMI Views" - either option will produce a CSV file.

How To Find Your Program Reports

First, navigate to your Series level of your Program.

In the top right corner under the gold Goal Design button will be a Reports button. Click that to enter the Reports for your Series. However, please note in order for this button to appear at least one of your Series must have a status of "Done". 

After clicking the Reports button, you will be taken to your Excluded Users page. 

On the Goal Progress tab (1) you will find a breakdown of your overall progress of your series. 

By clicking the drop-down menu next to Program (2) you will find the options to Export Questions and Export LMI Views. 

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