How to Draw a Sweepstakes Winner

When the Challenge is over all Sweepstakes entries have been entered into a pool to draw from. 

Note: You may want to add any Admins as Excluded Users to the table at the Program level, in the Reports area - to ensure that any Admin will be excluded from a Sweepstakes drawing and excluded from Reports.

In order to determine the winner, navigate to the Challenge Report, then click the Sweepstakes tab, and then the green Draw button.

1. Name the Drawing

2. Enter the number of Prizes to be awarded for each Sweepstakes

3. Click "Yes!"

The platform will randomly choose a Sweepstakes winner from total entries received.

The winner will show up as "Pending" in the table until an Admin confirms them as the winner. *

You will need to let the winner/s know that they have won through your desired communication method (internal chat, email, even a postcard!) and the prize will need to be manually delivered to the Winner/s. As the program administrator, you are responsible for all prize fulfillment and delivery to winners.

*Note: If an Admin wasn't added to the Excluded Users list it is possible to reject them as a winner immediately after performing the drawing by clicking "Reject Drawing."

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