Best Practices for Sweepstakes

How Often to Run a Sweepstakes Drawing?

Best practice is to draw at least one prize winner from every Challenge.  That way there is an opportunity for a "payoff" every week (assuming your Challenges are a week in length, which is the recommended length).  A common monetary value is $50 or more.

Examples of Sweepstakes Prizes

  • Corporate Executive Lunch Date
  • Video on Demand Year Subscription
  • Delivery Service Gift Card
  • Sporting Tickets

Budgetary Considerations

  • Ensure an adequate Sweepstakes budget exists
  • Consider a mixture of cash and non-cash options

Set Sweepstakes Entry Notifications to "Silent"

When setting up your Sweepstakes entries you will have the option to deliver to your Players "silently" or not. We recommend selecting the silent delivery option! Most Sweepstakes entries are awarded when a Player answers a Question. If they receive a loud notification, they might start ignoring Flashes.

Entry notifications still appear in their "My Sweepstakes" area of the App. Your Players can check for themselves whenever they'd like. Keeping sweepstakes entry notifications silent keeps them engaged with important notifications and prevents information overload.
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