Challenge Scheduling Parameters and Best Practices

Challenges parameters to be scheduled to go LIVE to your Players on the appropriate date, day of the week, and time.

1. Visible in the App to Users

The Challenge will be visible in the App and Players can play the Challenge Warmup Game (if part of the Challenge). 

2) Start Challenge

Players will be able to review Learn More Items.
Note: Question Delivery does not start at this time. Question delivery begins with the time specified in the Daily Delivery Period.

4) End Q-Delivery

Delivering of Questions ends but Learners can play Questions that have been unplayed and are still on their Timeline.

5) Daily Delivery Period

Range of time during the day Questions are delivered. Ensure that the Not earlier than time is the same as the Start Challenge Time, and the Not later than time is the same as the End Challenge time.

5) End Challenge

Players cannot answer Questions anymore and have to wait for the next Challenge. 

Build in Buffer Time

It is important to build this into every Challenge so Players have the best experience and the most opportunities for learning!

Visible in the App to Users

Build in buffer time from the time the Challenge is Visible in the App to Users and the time of the Question Daily Delivery Period! This allows the Player to study up in and browse the Learn More Library!

End Challenge

Build in buffer time from the last Question delivery time and when the Challenge ends. This allows the Player a chance to answer any unplayed Questions that they didn't answer when delivered Live, that are left waiting in their Timeline.

Best Practices for Delivering Questions & Challenges 

  • No more than 3 Questions a day 
  • Monday - Thursday Q-Delivery
  • End Challenge date and time that coincides with end of business on Friday after Q-Delivery ends
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