3. Program Content: Series, Challenges, Questions, and Learn More Items

Now that you have created the desired business outcomes with your Program, Results, Goal, Habits, and Topics, it’s time to make the curriculum and content that supports these.

Defining the MASTER Curriculum with Series and Challenges

First, it will be necessary to define the Series and Challenges that will eventually hold all your Questions. This creates organization and structure to the training Program.

Creating Questions with Goal Drivers: Short Form

Questions in DIY are created using a 2-step process. First is creating a Question and filling out the Short Form to define it and tie it back to the Goal Drivers set up in a previous step.

Completing Questions: Long Form

Next is filling out the Long Form part of the Question that adds Q&A options, visual imagery, and links to longer-form content.

Adding More Questions to Design the Mastery Sequence

To ensure a successful learning journey for your employees, you will need to arrange the Questions in a specific order to create the Mastery Sequence that drives subject mastery.

Duplicating Series and Challenges to Finalize Curriculum

Once you’ve filled out the curriculum for a Series or Challenge, you can duplicate these to re-deploy Questions and drive learning retention over time.

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Resource Guide: Getting Started 

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