Actions in Short Form Questions

The Action:

An Action is what you want your Participants to do immediately after playing each Question. If the immediate action is not possible, encourage them to take that action right when they see the opportunity to do so.

It's a best practice to keep the Actions varied. It keeps your Participants interested and coming back for more.

Example of Actions:
  • Complete a quick task
    • Go have a conversation
    • Practice this skill immediately
    • Express appreciation to a co-worker now!
    • Answer a survey Question
  • Review a piece of content
    • Watch a clip from a video
    • View a shortlist 
    • Read a job posting
    • Review a news article or blog post
    • Listen to a clip from a podcast. 

The only way to form a Habit is to take action repeatedly. So don't miss this opportunity to encourage Participants to do so.

Make that action simple, singular, and something they can actually do in real life. It is best if it is something they can do immediately. See examples below:

Write the action into your Insight:

The Insight is your brief opportunity to ask the Participants to take action, and tell them why that action is valuable to them.

Insight Examples:

"You probably think inspecting a fire extinguisher is a waste of time, but it's essential to your safety. Click below to learn how."

"Combining actions and songs to teach is one of the most powerful ways for children to learn. Add some motion to your songs. Like this..."

"Response 101: If your device acts strangely, disconnect from the network to immediately isolate it. Notify your security management and be open about exactly what you saw and did. Here's why..."

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