Canva Templates for Programs, Series, Challenges, and Questions

Using images for the Clue, Question, Answers, or Insight is entirely optional. Adding imagery can make your Program more visually appealing, engaging, and memorable for Players but is by no means required.

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We recommend using the same image in multiple areas for the same Question (Clue, Question, and Insight). This:

  • will save graphic design and layout time
  • gives the Question and overall Program a more consistent look and feel
We also recommend sticking to a consistent color palette, which will likely be your company’s branded colors or brand palette.
Start by creating one image, and modify it slightly for Clues, Questions, and Insights. Here are some examples:

Image Examples

Program Banner

Series Icon

Clue and Insight Image

Question Image

Badge and Award Icon

Placing Text Overlays: Best Practices
  • All fonts are different. We recommend using a large enough font to be readable and quickly recognizable, like a serif, slab serif, or sans serif font. Decorative fonts can be challenging for Players to read, especially when faced with a countdown timer.
  • Use a contrasting font color to the background.
  • Allow white space around your words so they have room to “breathe.”
  • Ensure adequate line spacing for readability
  • You can also create an overlay shape to place under the text to make it more readable.
Note: When time is short, if you can only provide one image, put it in the Clue and the Insight (and use the same image to both). If you have additional time, adding an image to the Question field provides branding consistency for your Program and Players. 

Image Sizing Templates (.PNG, for any graphics program)

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