Challenge Page Overview

Welcome to your Challenge!

Once again, we've made a diagram of a 'Challenges' page with all of the various functions numbered and explained in detail below the image.

If this page looks a little more complex than the Program & Series pages do, it's for good reason. Challenges are the most recognizable and involved component of a Program.  In essence, they are the “games” learners play to reinforce your communications or training until they become habit.

Containing the most "moving parts', a Challenge is also the most entertaining part of the app and maintains a basic structure called a 'Learner's Path'.  It may sound a bit foreign at first, but just like any path, the framework keeps players on the road you have designed, tracking them all towards common Results and a Goal!

1) Series Flashes -  These are handy messages that are delivered prior to launching and during Challenges to extend instructions, reminders of any must-see/do items, announcement of winners, and/or any changes to the Challenge.  For Challenges, Flash messages are especially useful when getting attention before a Q is played live

2) The Motivators Menu - on the 'Challenges' page contains these icons:

  • The 'Question Mark' shows # of Q's in the series - clicking it will take you to the Q's in Goal Design.
  • The 'Bolt' is a direct link and counter of how many Flash Messages are being used in the Challenge.
  • The 'Medallion' serves the same function as the 'Bolt', but deals specifically with Badges
  • The 'Gift Box' serves the same function as the others: a link/counter to the Awards page

3) Progress Bar - The progress bar is a handy tool when running a Challenge.  It lets you know how close you are to officially launching your Challenge for your users- Clicking on the bar triggers the pop-up window 'Challenge Progress',  discussed more in-depth here.

4) Action Menu - On the Challenges page, the Action Menu contains these icons:

  • The Green Rocket is to be used when you have gone through your used the pre-launch checklister.
  • The pencil icon allows you to Edit the Series - changing the title, icon, banner, or color, for example. 
  • The Dropdown arrow, gives several options for actions. These include the two buttons just mentioned, along with the Data Dashboard and the option to Clone the entire program.

5) Status Button - Toggles between 'Draft' and 'Publish' depending on whether your Challenges are in play or preparing to be played

6) '+ Challenge' - Selecting this tab will cause the 'Add Challenge' pop up window to appear.

  • In short-form, the 'Add Challenge' pop-up is simply asking for the Title of this particular Series
  • In full-form, the pop-up window asks you to give the Series:
    • a title.
    • a description visible to your users when they access their Challenge Page.
    • add a Challenge Icon. Remember, Challenge Icons must be 256x256px exactly!
    • Points Ratio asks you to assign a diminished ratio of earned points for players who don't participate in Group Mode (Live Play) - Most customers use a ratio of 90% or 75% to 'tax' players who aren't fully engaged... 
    • Schedule - Select when the app will become visible to your Players, add a Flash Message here to get the Players talking  - you can also select that a Countdown be added to the launch to add some extra buzz!
    • Daily Delivery Period - Select the daily time frame for your Q's to be playable with your end users - Times may be blocked for a distraction free zone at work or enhanced to play a few Q's at times like break and lunch.
    • Days of Week for Q Delivery - Will this be a 7-day a week Challenge? Are there any holidays that may prove as stumbling blocks? Select the parameters that work for you!
    • Determine How Q's per day will be ideal for your Challenge. Use the chart in accordance with the type of Program you're running to get the ratio just right for your players.

7) 'Edit Series' tab - You'll find that no matter if you want to clone, copy or '+ Series',  at some point you'll come across the 'Edit Series' pop-up, allowing you to customize the branding and track enrollment/engagement of a Series through Invite Codes.

Refer to the 'How Do I Start A Series?' page for a complete breakdown of how to complete the 'Edit Series' tab 

8) Goal Design - The Goal Design tab sits at the top of the page ready for you to dive back in at any time in order to revise a Q, add a Topic, perhaps split a Series into 2 or 3 after identifying different user groups!  

Here's a link to the  Best Practices in Goal Design to use as reference when heading back to make changes or updates to your Program.

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