Series Page Overview

Welcome to your Series!

Since we can't be there to show you around, we've made you a diagram of a Series page with all of the various functions numbered and explained in detail below the image. 

1) Program Flashes - These are handy messages that are delivered prior to and during gameplay to provide instructions to players, remind them of any must-see/do items, announce winners, and/or any changes to the game.  In the Series, Flash messages are especially useful when marketing your players to join the Series.

2) Archive - Just because a Series has been played doesn't mean you have to delete it!  Use the 'Mark as Archived' option found in the Action Menu Dropdown to move a Series from current to this Archive field. The benefit here is that when the time comes to create a Series similar in structure, but varied in content to this played Series, you can dig it out of the archive and greatly reduce the amount of time you'll spend creating a new Series from scratch!

3) The Action Menu on the Series page contains these icons:

  • The arrow is the doorway to the Series. (You can also do this by clicking directly on the Series title.) 
  • The pencil icon allows you to Edit the Series - changing the title, icon, banner, or color, for example. 
  • The Dropdown arrow gives several options for actions. These include the two buttons just mentioned, along with the Data Dashboard and the option to Clone the entire program.

4) '+ Series' - Selecting this tab will cause the 'Add Series' pop-up window to appear.

  • In short-form, the 'Add Series' pop-up is simply asking for the Title of this particular Series
  • In full-form, the pop-up window asks you to give the Series:
    • a title.
    • a description visible to your users when they access their Series Page.
    • an invite code.
    • an optional Warm Up Game for your players (recommended if you have a lot of first-time players in this Series) - For more info on Warm Up Games, check the link.
    • add a Series Icon. Remember, Series icons must be 256x256px exactly!
    • determine whether you'd like/need a Series ID on the Game Server.

5) 'Edit Program' - In case you realize that your Program should have a different Title, or discover a different color used for branding, this button takes you back to the 'Edit Program' pop-up which we described in detail on the 'How Do I Start a Program?' FAQ. 

Use the Support Button to message us or contact a Success Coach for a guided tour!

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