Question Overview

A Question, or Q, is comprised of 4-5 parts!


When you play a Q, you'll first see a clue for about 10 seconds. If you're playing a Live round with everyone, you will have to wait until the "fuse" timer runs out on the Clue and the Q is revealed. The waiting time is not configurable because it allows all players the time to get on their phones and answer simultaneously.

Q (aka Question): 

Once the Q appears, you'll have 15 to 25 seconds (this is configurable) to answer. The answers can be multiple choice (text or images) or True/False(usually text only).

Quickly read the Q and make your choice. The scoring always starts at a pre-determined value (e.g., 300 points) and then decreases as time ticks away until the minimum Q value is reached (e.g., 100 points). Your score will reflect how fast you answered. The quicker you answer, the higher you'll score if you get it right. But if you get it wrong, a quick answer means more points lost. So, choose wisely...

You can see how much time you have left to answer by watching the moving "fuse" pass inside the Q title box from left to right. Don't wait too long to answer! If the Q time expires, you won't earn any points.


After you play the Q and wait for others to answer, you'll be given an Insight into the correct answer. This will help you consider the subject further and boost your score in the future. So be patient; during this time, the system is waiting to hear from everyone who played the Q and compiling their results. And because everyone wants their result. So it's an ideal teaching moment!


The app lets you know real-time results -- whether you answered a Q correctly or incorrectly. Press the "How Did Others Score" button at the bottom to see how you did compare to the rest of the players on that particular Q. If you want to see the overall Leaderboard for your current challenge, click out of the top left to the timeline screen, and then click the Leaderboard button


Once the Q has finished and you've checked the results, you'll find yourself back on the Insight screen. At this point, a "Learn More" button may appear. Click it to get even more information about the Topic of the Q.  Don't forget to click it because you'll find valuable information that can help you ace the following Qs! 

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