Challenge Builder Overview

Challenge Builder - From Goal Design to Launch!

The Challenge Builder is the staging area where you'll lay out the Q's you have developed, along with Motivators and Disclosures to create the strongest, most direct Learner's Path for your people.

For the purpose of familiarizing you with the Challenge Builder page, we'll look at the page as it appears when you click 'Items' from the Motivators Menu on the 'Challenges' page:

1) Schedule - When you click into the Schedule field of a given question, you will be able to change the Date and Time of delivery for that particular question. This is very helpful when your Learner's Path and the delivery schedule of Questions are out of alignment! 

Example: If you had Topics in Q's 1, 3 & 9 that needed to be played in the initial round to lay some foundation for the Challenge, you could adjust the delivery date and time to better suit your Learner's Path!

On the other hand, if you have more flexibility in your content and delivery schedule, we suggest using the 'Randomize' button to keep your player's on their toes and to keep your own scheduling from becoming too predictable

2) Learn More items - In this field, you can link directly into the Learn More item assigned to each Question - It's always a good idea to check the links again before launching for a few criteria:

  • Does the Learn More Item correlate directly to the Q and Insight you have written?
  • Looking at the corresponding Insight from the Full-Form Q, does the Insight compel the player to click into the LMI?
  • Do the Insight and the Learn More Item pair up coherently? Did you keep them short and sweet?

3) Status - Once a Q has been set up completely with dates and times selected for delivery, the Status should read 'Scheduled'. Otherwise, all status should read as Draft.

4) Action Menu - There are 4 menu options on the 'Challenge Builder' page:

  • The Rocket icon becomes activated (green) when a Q has been completely scheduled for delivery.
  • The Pencil icon allows you full access to your Question in case something needs adjusting or editing.
  • The Clock icon gives you access to the 'Change Date/Time' pop-up window where all adjustments can be made.
  • The Drop-Down Arrow gives you the same options as the other icons but also allows you to clone the Question in it's entirety for play in another Challenge, or when need to replay a Q is identified.

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