Program Page Overview

Welcome to your Programs!

Since we can't be there to show you around, we've made you a diagram of a Programs page with all of the various functions numbered and explained in detail below the image. 

1) Templates are ready-made Program 'shells' in lengths ranging from 1-week to 1-Year. The skeleton of the Program is intact just waiting for your content. Simply clone the Program, plug in your content, set the parameters of your Challenges and you're ready for launch! 

2) Turnkeys are similar to templates, but instead of a shell waiting for your content, they already contain pre-made content vital to today's organizations. For instance,The Cybersecurity Program (seen above) is cloned directly from the Cybersecurity Turnkey. Adjust the parameters of the Challenges to fit your players, and you're ready to start inviting learners.

3) The Actions Menu on the Programs page contains three icons 

  • The arrow is the doorway to the Program. (You can also do this by clicking directly on the Program title.) 
  • The pencil icon allows you to Edit your full Program - changing the title, icon, banner, or color, for example. 
  • The dropdown arrow, gives several options for actions. These include the two buttons just mentioned, and the option to Clone the entire program. 

4) Series Counter tells you how many Series are housed under your Program and offers a quick way to access the Program

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