When do Learn More items appear in the Library (in the app)?

Your Learn More items will show up in the Library under two conditions:

  1. The Learn More item is connected to a Q
  2. The date/time for the Start Challenge has passed. 

Note that the Learn More items will NOT show up in the Learn More Library before your Start Challenge date, even if your Challenge is already Visible in the App to Users:

HINT #1:  if you want Learn More items to show up in the Library in advance of the Qs being delivered, so your users can prepare, then set your Start Challenge date/time for when you want the Library to populate with your items, but make sure your Qs are scheduled to launch later. For example, set your date/time for Start Challenge (per the image above) on 5/15 at midnight but don't launch your first Qs until 5/16 at 10 am (image below). That gives your users a day to study up!

HINT #2:  once your Challenge has been scheduled to start, your end-users will see that it has begun in their timeline and may wonder when the Qs are coming.  Ensure your Flash Messages are in place to clarify what the end-user should expect.  For example, if your Start Challenge date/time is 5/15 at midnight, send out at least one Flash Message on 5/15 that prompts your end-users to visit the Learn More Library because the Qs start TOMORROW (5/16). Please don't leave them wondering!

HINT #3:  If you want your End-Users to be able to review your Learn More items in the Learn More Library as soon as your Challenge is visible in the app, then set your dates/times for "Visible in the App to Users" and for "Start Challenge" as the same.

Note that only the Learn More Items connected to Qs in your Challenge will show up in the Learn More Library. This keeps your end-users focused on material that will help them answer the Qs better. If you create a Learn More item to be viewed apart from a Q -- for example, you send a Flash Message that links to a Learn More item that is not connected to a Q -- that Learn More item will not show up in the Learn More Library. However, it will remain accessible to your End-Users in their timeline after the Flash Message is delivered.

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