Engagement Manager's Toolkit: Engagement

Engagement Manager's Toolkit #2: Engagement

Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your Participants into the Game Play!

Now it's time to keep them Engaged...

Similar to Engagement Manager's Tookit #1: Enrollment, below we have the documents and resources to help keep the function of engagement management light and stress-free! 

If you don't see something you need or have a suggestion on how to make the toolkit better, please contact your assigned success coach!



  • Practicing good engagement will help to keep your Participants from dropping off the platform. Remember, you are not “bugging” them. You are helping! The information you provide through the App is beneficial to them. Help them see how!
  • Benefits of this Engagement Format
    • Repetition Carries the Day
    • Momentum Carries the Day
    • Giving people the correct tools at the point of need
    • Walking the Talk
    • Actionable and Accurate Data Points

Required VS Non-Required Participation:

  • If participation is Required: The Engagement Management process is straightforward!  Remind everyone that it's REQUIRED.
  • If participation is Not Required: You may need to take several different approaches with those you invite! See section titled: Engagement Actions below.
  • Why do people resist enrollment - we have found that the resist we experience in enrollment, often carries over to engagement. Check out the article to see some examples.
  • Sympathy VS Empathy - people resist change for 3 primary reasons. Learn how to use sympathy vs empathy in these situations.

Engagement Actions:

  • Replaying Questions:
    • Use your challenge report to identify those difficult Qs. Review them for corrections, alter if needed, and replay them! Did your participants score better the second time?
  • Reaching out to inactive Participants:
    • Encourage inactive Participants to engage in the app. Send them a personal email or ping them on company chat. Use multiple communication channels and do not worry about 'bugging' them. Our past experiences have shown us that Participants appreciate the nudges.you’ve identified!
  • Getting & Promoting Feedback from Participants:
    • Reach out to your Participants and ask for feedback. We have some more useful Qs in our Feedback Survey Article. 
  • Sending and Promoting Prizing:
    • Set up the way instant winners and sweepstake winners will receive their prizes. Make sure to keep the delay to a minimum to keep up engagement. These are opportunities to promote your program by posting the names or pictures (with permission) of winners.
There are many different techniques you can use to keep your Participants engaged. Just be sure you are being mindful of the different Player Personas. Everyone has their own motivation for doing what they do. Check out the article to learn more!
  • Use these example communication templates for encouraging participation:
    • Promotional - “Get excited! {Company Name} is sponsoring a challenge for you...”
    • Instructional - “Download the app by using these app links (inserted here) or search the app store for “[AppName]”. Create a Username....”
    • Prize emphasized - “Join and Win Today! By answering just a few Questions a day, you have the chance to win (insert prize here)! Do you have what it takes?”
    • Knowledge focused - “Using this app for a few minutes a day will improve your (insert role) skills and give you an edge in your field...”
    • Expectations - “[Company Name] and [Highest Ranking Employee Associated] are sponsoring a company-wide event where employees can compete via the “leaderboard’. Top players will receive (insert prize or recognition) ….”
    • Getting ahead in your field - “In just 3-5 minutes a day, you can improve your skills in (insert role/knowledge). This could lead to an improvement by (insert percentage) on average!”
    • Competition - “[John] has moved to the top spot again this week, check out the learn More library to increase your chances at the upper hand!”
    • Referrals - “Reach out to one of your friends and ask them to join the app. If you do, you earn extra sweepstakes entries into this week's raffle for [insert prize]”

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