Being an Engagement Manager


Engagement managers have an important job to do....

It's the role of the engagement manager to ensure that players get engaged and stay engaged.

What are great Engagement Managers made of?

EMs are communicators.  Sometimes they are encouraging, like a cheerleader.  Sometimes they are accountability partners.  The Program cannot be successful without the EM.  

This person should be unafraid to communicate with the players and unstoppable in making sure they engage!  For example, if the EM is limited in the number of emails he/she is allowed to send to players, then the EM uses another channel:  chat, text, in person, phone, etc.

What are the EM's tasks?

The EM knows that the more the players engage, the greater the chances that the Program will be successful.  The EM sets up prizes and fulfills them.  The EM creates messaging through the DIY POrtal to periodically remind the players how to play and win.  The EM engages anyone who is disengaged and reminds them of the value of engaging.   

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