Ideas to Engage Players in Live Challenges

Congratulations! The challenge is now live, and it is time to keep your performers engaged.

It is important to ensure all the performers get engaged and stay engaged. The "Admin" role now shifts into something like a "cheerleader" and/or "Accountability Partner". This new role is important in order for the program to be successful.

Don't be afraid to communicate with your performers and be unstoppable in making sure they engage. For example, if there is a limit on the number of email communications that can be sent out be sure to reach out to performers via phone, text, in person, and/or internal chat channel.

The more the performers engage with the program, the greater the chance of your program's success.

Engagement Tasks:

  • Set up Prizes/Awards and fulfill them
  • Set up Flashes to communicate with performers
  • Engage any performers who become disengaged throughout the Program
  • Serve as main contact between performers and "content creators" and/or "curriculum designers"
  • Collect feedback

Levels of Engagement:

  • Mandatory Participation
    • Remind all performers that participation is mandatory
  • Non-Mandatory Participation
    • Will require significantly more effort to get and keep performers engaged
      • multiple emails, chat, calls, meetings, and/or other announcements

Actively Monitor Question Progress:

It is best practice to duplicate and re-deploy low-performing Questions. Below is an example schedule of how to replay low-performing Questions when there will be three days of gameplay with 9 total Questions played.

  • Day 1: 3 new Questions
  • Day 2: 2 New Questions, 1 replay Question of lowest-performing Question from Day 1
  • Day 3: 1 New Question, 2 replay Questions of lowest-performing Questions of Challenge
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