Default 30 Minute Delivery Gap

The Question Delivery has a default of 30 mins.

This is so you don't accidentally send your Learners multiple Qs back to back and drive them away! But when running a test in the app, you may want to condense the schedule into an hour or two. That way you can make any adjustments, and move on with your day.

If 30-Minutes is the Default, how do I shorten the gap?

When running a test Challenge to "QA" your work, it is important to reach out to your Success Coach and request them to adjust the default delivery interval of your Qs! Your Success Coach can change the interval to 5-minutes between Q delivery.  Just for the test.

PLEASE NOTE: It is VITAL to NOT run your Test-Challenge inside the Program that will be published! If you run the Test-Challenge inside your 'real' Program it will pollute your data for Reporting.

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