QA Checklist: How To Give Feedback during Dry-run


GREAT!  But first, let's STOP, and give it all a double-check using this Checklist... 

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Are the Answer choices correct? 

When you are playing all the Qs, make sure you didn’t accidentally mark a wrong answer as the correct answer. 

Here are some related best practices:

  •        Make each Clue > Q > Insight sequence clear and easy to play under the ticking clock.
  •        Each Insight should compel your players to click “Learn More”!
  •        The number of Qs delivered each day should not feel like too many or too few. Our best practice range lies between 1-3 Qs each weekday.
  •        Take a long look at your Q's - Do they pop-up and LOOK exciting? Or it ALL TEXT? Is that the way you really want to go? Should you include more images?
    • Many of our best programs have used just a great Image for the Clue and Insight. You can select a consistent style you like best. Your Success Coach can help you design one.
    • Or perhaps it’s just adding an Image for the Question box that you prefer for your Challenge.

Are there any flow/structural/grammatical mistakes? 

Read through each Clue/Question/Insight/Learn More Item and carefully check to ensure the following:

  • Any spelling or grammatical mistakes?
  • Is there a coherent sequence between the Clue/Question/Insight/Learn More Item?
  • Are the images cutting out?
  • Are you able to read the information within 20-30 sec (except the Learn More Item, of course)
  • Does the color scheme work for you?

Did you add a Warm-Up Game? 

This allows Qs to show immediately when your player joins a challenge. They show up as Unplayed Qs. If you don’t like the Warm-Up Qs, then uncheck the Warm-Up Game box in your Edit Series window.

Do the Learn More items work correctly? 

Make sure you click the Learn More button on your Qs (if applicable) and you see the webpage open. If you your Learn More links out to a Survey, does it work properly? Here are some related best practices:

  •         Is each Learn More article readable in 60 seconds or less for the average reader?
  •         Is each Learn More video (if any) viewable in 3 minutes or less?
  •         Do each of the Learn More pages include a link/button to source material (if any)?

Did you setup the Awards, Badges and Sweepstakes correctly? 

If you created an End of Challenge Leaderboard Badge, for example, then check to ensure you got it during dry run. If not, it may mean the trigger settings aren’t correct on that element. Here are some related recommendations:

  •         Did it feel like there were enough opportunities to win/earn to keep you engaged?
  •         Are the instructions clear about which awards are available to win and how to win them?

Did you setup the Flash Messages correctly? 

If you set a “Join Series” Flash Message, for example, did it popup when you joined? If not, it may mean the settings aren’t correct on that Modal. Here are some related recommendations:

  •         Does each Flash Message feel useful?
  •         Are there too many Flash Messages?
  •         Did you add a Learn More link to any of your Flash Messages?

Did you customize your Disclosures? 

Although we provide default Template Disclosures, it doesn’t mean they apply to your particular Series. Here are some related recommendations:

  •         Have each of the disclosures been customized?
  •         Are they easy to read and understand?

Did you customize your Install Site? 

Click to ensure it is showing the correct Install Site. Click around it and make sure all the buttons you setup work as you expect. Often. this is your users’ FIRST impression. Here are some related best practices:

  •       Keep it simple and clean with clear instructions
  •       Include a QR code
  •       Make a quick high-level reference to prizes or awards (if any)

Were all your questions answered by our support team?

This is not the time to leave things hanging. If you have an open question, concern or just need to feel better about something, do not hesitate to reach out to your assigned Success Coach. 

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