Resource Guide: Getting Started


We are excited to have you as part of the family and can’t wait to have you up and running with Programs that lead to measurable behavior change. 

About this Resource

This is a series of articles and resources designed to familiarize you with everything you need to know in order to be successful in launching your first Program. We recommend diving in at the beginning and viewing all the articles in order to get the most out of the series. If you need quick links to any specific topic, use the below to access what you need quickly. You can also search our library of topics using the search function in the sidebar.

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Program, Goal Design, Habits, and Topics
  3. Curriculum & Content: Series, Challenges, Questions, and Learn More Items
  4. Motivators: Flashes, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes
  5. Finalizing & Launching
  6. Post-Launch Management for Program Success
  7. Getting Started FAQs
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