Benefits of this Engagement Format

Practicing good engagement will help to keep your Participants from dropping off the platform. Remember, you are not “bugging” them. You are helping! The information you provide through the App is beneficial to them. Help them see how!

Repetition Carries the Day: There are two ways that the brain remembers. One is trauma and the other is repetition. Since it’s rarely advisable to recreate trauma with your Participants, repetition is the best way to create recall.

Momentum Carries the Day: The more people who stay engaged, the more you can drive momentum. This enables the organization to utilize word of mouth promotion and advance and mature its efforts efficiently without having to stop and start.

Giving people tools at the point of need: Being supportive of people at the point of need, rather than expecting someone to remember something from the past and effectively apply it to the present.

Walking the Talk – An ongoing flow of support that the person stays engaged with develops confidence that the organization actually has their back and means what they say.

Accurate and Actionable Data Points: When people stay engaged, management will get accurate data on what is working and what isn’t. When people leave the platform, they no longer participate as an accurate data point.

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