The In-App Experience for Players

In the app, Players/Performers enter an "Invite Code" to enter gameplay for a Series. The "Series Details" screen provides information about the Series, including the Warm-up game (if applicable), and Challenges within the Series.

Performers click on a Challenge to access the "Challenge Timeline".

In the Timeline are views of Performer activity, Challenge information, Flashes, Questions, Badges, Awards, and Sweepstakes entries.

Clicking into a Question allows Players to see the following:

1. Clue:

The Clue provides a hint to the correct answer. In "Live Mode" the Clue and Question tabs are accessible and appear with a countdown timer bar below the tabs. When the timer bar expires the performer can select "I'm Ready" to move to the question tab. If you are in "Solo Mode" you can click I'm Ready at any time. More points are available to win during "Live Mode".

2. Question and Answer Choices

In "Live Mode" you have a select amount of time to answer the question before it times out. When the timer bar expires the performer can no longer answer the Question. This "timeout" results in an incorrect answer. The performer will receive more points the faster they answer!

3. Insight

After the Player chooses an Answer, the software checks against the correct Answer an Admin have specified for the Question in the Design Portal. Meanwhile, the Insight tab is visible to the Player, for them to review more information about the topic. Learn More Items are great ways to validate your answers and a great way to keep your players engaged.

4. Badges

Awarded Badges appear as popups in the app, and are placed on the Timeline. They are also available in the "My Badges" Menu item for Players.

5. Leaderboard

The Leaderboard for a Challenge is accessible by clicking the column chart icon at the top right of the Timeline screen for Players. This competitive feature is an excellent way to create "buzz" for your program.

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