Promotional vs Instructional Language

In Engagement Management, you will use both promotional and instructional language to drive Learners to take action.  Use the right type for the right situation. 


Use promotional type of language when inviting someone to take an action. This language clarifies WHY taking that action will be valuable to them.  Here is an example:


Don't forget to sign up for the Challenges before 5pm so you don't miss out!  By the end of this Challenge, you will be a master at your craft.  And there are prizes available too -- the more you play the more you win.  


Use this type of language when describing HOW to take an action. Instructional language is straightforward. Unemotional. If often includes a set of steps. For example:

How to Install

Please download the App and join the Series before 5pm today.  

1. Install the App from your app store

2. Create an account using your business email address

3. Enter the following invite code to join:  "EXAMPLE123"

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