Enrollment Communications Schedule

Engagement Manager Communications Schedule

Post prior to the official Program launch as a solid baseline for user enrollment!

7 Days Before Launch

Engagement always Starts with the 'Heads Up'... The 'Heads Up' can be any meeting, training, conference call, or memo letting potential players and stakeholders know a little about the app and how it will be used for their Program.

  • Secure client approvals for all Comms before sending to all invitees and stakeholders.
  • Post Comm #1 to ALL available communication channels

5 Days Before Launch


Sending comms at the recommended times means less work for you! While Players are buzzing about the enhancement to training, they receive a second invite asking them to take action.
Use your built-in resources: The Players themselves!
  • Send Comm #2 to all invitees & stakeholders, including those who have already joined the Series
  • Empower invitees to take action in getting the word out and encouraging each other to download the app and join in the fun!

2-3 Days Before Launch

Comms # 3 & 4:

What's Different? Comms # 1 & 2 were sent to all Players and Stakeholders, regardless of enrollment status. Now, send ONLY to Players and Stakeholders who have not yet joined in the Series. Send the link to the Install Site or a PDF of the Install Site
  • At this point, a first round of direct in-person or phone call 'touches' is advisable.
  • Comms # 3 & 4 focus on the individuals who are not yet signed up, employing more direct and personal strategies.
  • In this phase the priority is always the stakeholder over any other participant.

Launch Day

IF NECESSARY, Send Comm #4

Focused strictly on Stakeholders who have not yet enrolled - NO emails, NO Voice Mails! Only use these communication channels in this order:
  • 1) In-Person contact
  • 2) Direct Phone Call
  • 3) Text Message
  • 4) DM/IM


Join Data Prep Meeting to give a quote regarding an inspiring or enlightening aspect of Engagement Management
  • Follow Comm #4 Protocol for any unconfirmed stakeholders prior to Data Presentation

Two Options for Enrollment Communications

Each of these links contains information, tools, and reference materials.  Take your time when looking through them. You're bound to find something new and useful each time you come back... 


Install Site Enrollment Communication #1
Enrollment Communication #2
Enrollment Communication #3
Enrollment Communication #4


No Install Site Example Alternate Email Communication Templates

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