Habits vs Results

A Result is what the organization needs to be accomplished, and we refer to it as an organizational-level Result. It's something stakeholders want to see occur through sustained Player Habits. Quantifiable Results give your people a measurable target to hit.  That's how your organization will know that your people learned what they needed to learn.

A Habit is a person's habit - a Player or a Participant of your program (whether this is your employee or someone outside your organization). A Habit is ongoing, sustained and are repeated set of behaviors that are displayed by the person. A Habit is what the Player needs to do repeatedly - either they believe something when a certain situation comes up (Attitude), or they do something a certain way (a Skill), or they keep something in mind (Knowledge).

  • While Habits are created for the benefit of the individual learner, Results are created for the benefit of the organization. 
  • While Results happen at an organization level, Habits happen at an individual level.
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